Basecoin Currency Exchange

Basecoin Diffusion Equilibrium

Annual Rolling Data Analysis

By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

Exchange Rate Equilibrium Convergence

Exchange Rate Stream Space

Basecoin has been shown to have a more stable valuation than Bitcoin. Over a 545 day period one Basecoin would buy 72 cents of a USA Dollar with a standard deviation of 22%. Over the same time period one Basecoin would buy 1.6 m฿ with a standard deviation of 52%. The analysis now shifts to equilibrium diffusion employing linear isosurfaces. Using estimates of the exchange rates of Basecoin with the world’s two most significant sovereign currencies, the American Dollar and the British Pound Sterling, the ratio of their exchange rates is presented.


ß=Basecoin; ฿=Bitcoin; £=Pound Sterling; $=USA Dollar

Mean Field
£ $ Exchange Rate Equilibrium

£ $ Exchange Inductance

£ $ Exchange Capacitance