Bitcoin Cash Arbitrage
By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

Since its debut the value of Bitcoin Cash has remained within the realm of a few hundred dollars. Speculators may have preferred that the value of Bitcash, as I seek to call it, had reached the dizzying heights the original Bitcoin has achieved. Since I recognize no valid reason for Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency yet introduced, to achieve such values, I consider the valuation realized by Bitcash to be a positive development.

During the recent craze of initial coin offerings Bitcash became ignored. Those initial coin offering were not made for the purposes that I wish to see cryptocurrency succeed. Eventually I believe all central banks will either develop their own cryptocurrency to co-exist with their current sovereign currency. Or their will adopt the more successful cryptocurrencies developed by others to supplement and facilitate electronic transactions made for their sovereign currency. The continuous real time transfer of cryptocurrencies adds an important element to worldwide business transactions.

With this in mind Grisafi Finance Rheology is pleased to announce the debut of our BCH Arbitrage analysis. The current valuation of Bitcash, within the range between two and three hundred dollars, is a good sign that perhaps Bitcash, or some similar cryptocurrency can succeed where Bitcoin has failed. What a cryptocurrency needs most is to be adopted by consumers as their preferred means of payment. It is not helpful, to the ideal of continuous real time electronic transfers, that cryptocurrencies have remained in the domain of investment speculation. They need to become the consumers’ choice method of payment.

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